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Homegrown Games

Below is an overview of games that were or are being worked on by members of the circle, past and present.
Click on any of them to be brought to the corresponding game’s page.

(Development on hold)

Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity

Touhou Kokichi ~ Rampant Crescent Flora

Touhou Umibouken ~ Endless Blue
Latest News
15 Apr 2022
Moved all game download links server-side, added download links for all previous versions of chain of lucidity, and implemented download counters.
9 Apr 2022
chain of lucidity v1.20e hotfix released.
7 Apr 2022
chain of lucidity v1.20e update.
5 Apr 2022
Added some missing events to the History page.
12 Feb 2022
Team Gaijin Alex now operates under the new name “Retrograde Road”.
Also reworded and expanded parts of the website and added lightbox galleries to all game pages, as well as dark mode.
26 Dec 2021
500,000 hits!
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