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Below is an overview of games that were or are being worked on by members of the team, past and present.
Click on any of them to be brought to the corresponding game’s page.

Latest News
19 Aug 2021
Set up a Discord server. Click here to join.
13 Aug 2021
Once again, the website has been completely overhauled.
The Gallery, Goods and Links pages were removed and the Music page was added.
Special thanks to MSLabo102 for proofreading the Japanese text.

16 Apr 2021
Dextrous Yet Destitute has been released.
2 Feb 2021
Popfan announced his latest album, Dextrous Yet Destitute.
6 Jul 2020
Slight visual updates to the website.
Also, the MajiKana game page has been removed. See blog post for further explanation.

2 May 2020
chain of lucidity v1.15a update.
Team Shanghai Alice Trick Nostalgie Ephemeral Entertainment

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