Surprisingly Magician-Focused Shoot-’em-Up

東方古木地Touhou Kokichi ~ Rampant Crescent Flora

(Eastern Ancient Tree Grounds)

Gensokyo is hit by its hottest, most humid summer yet, and as if that weren’t enough, tropical plantlife is shooting out of the ground everywhere at an alarming rate.

In the Forest of Magic, Marisa finds her house completely overgrown and impossible to get into, so she heads for the heart of the forest, where the thicket is at its thickest...

The residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion are dealing with their own humidity-induced problems, and with the chief maid’s space-time abilities needed at home base, Patchouli is sent to investigate.

Meanwhile, the Hakurei Shrine is too far isolated to be affected, but Reimu is still debating whether or not to let curiosity get the better of her.

(Early-development screenshots, not representative of what the final product would have been)

The project that got Popfan started on his journey to becoming a jack of all trades, learning how to compose, create graphics, code, design, and write. It was eventually usurped by the birth of the Mukai Project — but hey, at least it didn’t get crushed by the weight of its own ambition this time.

What could have been:
  • Choose between three playable characters: Marisa, Reimu and Patchouli, each with two shot types.
  • A story for which Marisa steals Reimu’s main character spotlight. She even gets the homing shot type this time around!
  • Uncomplicated gameplay with no special mechanics — just dodge bullets and collect items!
  • One of the first Touhou fangames (if not the first) to feature a native 1280x960 resolution with hi-res graphics.
  • The whole game made entirely by a single person.

This game is a derivative work of the Touhou Project.
It does not seek to infringe on the copyrights of Team Shanghai Alice and merely borrows characters and settings to tell a new story.
Touhou Project ©1995-2024 Team Shanghai Alice.
Rampant Crescent Flora ©2013 Retrograde Road (formerly Team Gaijin Alex).
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