Cooperative Shoot-Anywhere Shoot-’em-Up

東方海冒険Touhou Umibouken ~ Endless Blue

(Eastern Sea Adventure)

Someone stole all the water in Gensokyo and pooled it in a valley somewhere, creating a new beach full of dangerous water youkai. And with everyone — humans, fairies, youkai, gods, and everything in between — in a frantic rush to get the water back, the region is swarming with even more monsters than usual!
(Early-development screenshots, not representative of what the final product would have been)

Originally intended to be Retrograde Road’s debut, and the sole reason for its formation. Unfortunately, the project was too ambitious for its own good and never got even close to completion before it was abandoned. (Finally out of denial on that one...)

What could have been:
  • Set out alone or with up to four more friends — from all over the world, even.
  • Choose your favorite shot type out of 50 playable characters, spread across 10 teams.
  • Collect water to power up your shots and increase your scoring potential with Aqua Barrage! (It’s pretty much just PCB borders with a different coat of paint, but shhh)
  • Move and aim anywhere on the screen with WASD + mouse controls!
  • Frantic and action-laden gameplay with enemies (and bullets!) coming from all sides.
  • No fades-to-black between stages — all stage backgrounds are seamlessly connected to each other.

This game is a derivative work of the Touhou Project.
It does not seek to infringe on the copyrights of Team Shanghai Alice and merely borrows characters and settings to tell a new story.
Touhou Project ©1995-2024 Team Shanghai Alice.
Endless Blue ©2013 Retrograde Road (formerly Team Gaijin Alex).
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