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Original Compositions

The following is a collection of music composed by members of Team Gaijin Alex, former and current.


Dextrous Yet Destitute (2021)

Proto-Unreality Replication ~Len’en Kai Mugenri~ (2018)

Miscellaneous Works (2014-present)

Various music that Popfan has composed as not being part of any large-scale soundtrack or album endeavors.

Rampant Crescent Flora (2013-2015)

Popfan’s first true foray into creating a game soundtrack, albeit as unfinished as the game itself. Despite the existence of a stage 5 theme, the stage 4 boss theme was never finished.

Endless Blue (2012-2015)

Unlike all of the above, all the music for this game had been composed by Spaztique. The soundtrack was left incomplete, only going up to the stage 3 theme. Early drafts for the stage 3 boss and stage 4 themes exist, but are too incomplete to warrant being included.
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20 Oct 2021
chain of lucidity v1.20d update.
8 Oct 2021
chain of lucidity v1.20c update.
26 Sep 2021
chain of lucidity v1.20a (and v1.20b) update.
19 Aug 2021
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13 Aug 2021
Once again, the website has been completely overhauled.
The Gallery, Goods and Links pages were removed and the Music page was added.
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16 Apr 2021
Dextrous Yet Destitute has been released.
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