Imaginary Curtain Fire Dream

夢界幻魔伝Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity

(Dream World’s Tale of Phantasmal Demons)

Rumors tell of another world detached from reality as we know it — a world of dreams.
Inaccessible to most, but a new arrival is causing unrest among the natives.
What is its secret? Only the tower holds the answer...

This is the first chapter of a story of that world and the space that separates it from ours.

Introducing the Mukai Project, a series of original (but really just more of the same) bullet hell shmups. Having learned from the circle’s past mistakes, its last remaining member dialed way back on the scope in order to properly get his foot in the door.

  • A dream that lasts for five stages — unless you wake up beforehand, of course.
  • Challenge yourself with a harder-than-hard difficulty level, Reverie, that may even give some Touhou games’ Lunatic a run for its money.
  • Keep track of your achievements with an in-game dream journal.
  • Two available languages, English and Japanese, to bring the experience to a wider audience.
  • The whole game made entirely by a single person.
  • A physical reward, still up for grabs for whoever manages to be the first second to reach 500 million points...!


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Current version: v1.20e
Full package: Download 854 downloads
Hotfix patch:
(requires v1.20e)
Download 230 downloads
v0.01a trial version: Download 227 downloads
(This game is for Windows only.)

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This game is a work of fiction.
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