House-Cleaning Box Pushing Game


(Warehouse Keeper)

You, a penniless college student, have just found part-time work at a huge warehouse company. Your job: tidying up all their warehouses by putting away the boxes scattered everywhere.
It’s hard work, though, and if you don’t pay attention, you might quickly find yourself out of a job again...

This started out as a study project for the purpose of coding practice, but ended up polished enough to warrant a public release. A set of custom levels was originally planned, too, but is that even gonna happen at this point...?

Making Sokoban levels is haaaard.

  • Solve 100 warehouses of increasing complexity.
  • Design your own warehouses with the built-in level editor.
  • Compile your warehouses into a single level pack where they can be played back-to-back.
  • Two available languages, English and Japanese, to bring the experience to a wider audience.
  • Lots of hidden content.
  • The whole game made entirely by a single person.


Current version: v1.00a
Full package: Download 155 downloads
(This game is for Windows only.)

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v0.50 Full Package
Original game ©1982 Thinking Rabbit
Based off of the SG-1000 version, ©1985 Sega Games Co., Ltd.
©2018 Retrograde Road (formerly Team Gaijin Alex)
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