Welcome to the website of Team Gaijin Alex!

"Team Gaijin Alex" is a doujin circle specializing in creating Touhou-style bullet hell shmups. Originally founded on 12 February 2013 by Spaztique, Popfan and FullHitPoints, it has since dwindled down to just one member.

The name is a complete rip-off of respectful homage to Team Shanghai Alice, founded by ZUN.

Latest News:

2021/04/16: Dextrous Yet Destitute has been released.
2021/02/02: Popfan announced his latest album, Dextrous Yet Destitute.
2020/07/06: Slight visual updates to the website.
Also, the MajiKana game page has been removed. See blog post for further explanation.
2020/05/02: chain of lucidity v1.15a update.
2020/02/09: chain of lucidity v1.14a update.
2020/02/05: The website received a minor design update and outdated information was corrected.
Special thanks to MSLabo102 for proofreading the Japanese text.

About Endless Blue:

"東方海冒険 ~ Endless Blue" was a Touhou fangame originally conceived by Spaztique in 2011, with development beginning in 2013 with the team's founding. Unfortunately, it fell victim to its own overambitious scope and the team's lack of experience at the time.

You can read more about it here.

About Mukai Project:

A series of bullet hell shmups conceived and developed by Popfan, taking influence from Touhou and Len'en. At present, the only entry is "夢界幻魔伝 ~ chain of lucidity", but a second game is in development and two more are in planning.

You can check out and download chain of lucidity here.