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“Retrograde Road” is a doujin circle specializing in creating games (primarily shoot-’em-ups) as well as music. Originally founded on 12 February 2013 by Spaztique, Popfan and FullHitPoints, it has since dwindled down to just one member.

To look backwards while walking forwards, to take solace in the past while tirelessly carving out a future with new memories to look back on fondly — that is the philosophy this circle abides by.

About Mukai Project

A series of bullet hell shmups conceived and developed by Popfan, inspired in part by Touhou and Len’en. At present, the only entry is “Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity”, but a second game is in development and two more are in planning.

You can check out and download chain of lucidity here.

About Endless Blue

“Touhou Umibouken ~ Endless Blue” was a Touhou fangame originally conceived by Spaztique in 2011, with development beginning in 2013 with the circle’s founding. Unfortunately, it fell victim to its own overambitious scope and the team’s lack of experience at the time.

You can read more about it here (archive).

Special Thanks go to...

  • Maribel Hearn (@MaribelHearn42), who served as a rubber duck and invaluable emotional support during the construction of this website.
  • Masataka Touji (@mslabo102), without whose proofreading the website’s Japanese would’ve been a whole lot more broken.
  • Ian Babbitt (@Smurfman256), for lending his keen hearing and providing guidance on the mixing of most if not all of the songs produced by this circle.
  • Spectral Nexus (@Spectral_Nexus) and other composers, for providing feedback on many works-in-progress.
  • Alice Jankowska (@AlphishCreature) and WishMakers (@WishMakers_TH), both excellent rubber ducks when it comes to game programming.
  • Spaztique (@Spaztique) and FullHitPoints, for their services and contributions to the circle in its early days.
  • ...and all fans and supporters!
Latest News
4 Apr 2024
Sins became the second person in recorded history to achieve over 500 million points in chain of lucidity! This time, he was able to receive a physical copy as a reward.
2 Feb 2024
Sokoban v1.00a update.
16 Jun 2023
The new blog is finished! Check it out here.
1 Jun 2023
Started work on the new blog.
30 May 2023
Added a German translation for the website.
21 May 2023
Made some updates to the website’s layout.
Added a biography of the circle to the About page.
Added new screenshots for Endless Blue and Rampant Crescent Flora.
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