History of the Team

2020/01/02: chain of lucidity v1.12a update.
2019/07/13: chain of lucidity v1.11a update.
2019/05/20: chain of lucidity v1.10a update.
2019/04/10: chain of lucidity v1.02e update.
2019/01/18: 200,000 hits!
2019/01/05: chain of lucidity v1.02d update.
2018/12/25: Additional Re: Emergency everyday gameplay footage released.
Also, Proto-Unreality Replication ~Len'en Kai Mugenri~ is now on sale.
Check it out on the newly-added Goods page.
2018/11/29: chain of lucidity v1.02c update.
2018/11/24: chain of lucidity v1.02b update.
2018/09/22: chain of lucidity v1.02a update.
2018/09/20: chain of lucidity v1.01a update.
2018/09/17: chain of lucidity v1.00a released.
2018/07/08: Sokoban v0.50 released.
2018/04/14: Temporarily removed the mobile-friendly version of the website and added the Gallery page.
2018/04/01: Re: Emergency everyday gameplay footage released.
2018/01/01: chain of lucidity release date delayed until further notice.
2017/10/05: 100,000 hits!
2017/10/01: chain of lucidity (trial version) v0.01a released.
2017/07/15: An alternate, mobile-friendly version of the website was created.
2017/07/14: A contact form was added to the Contact page of the website.
2017/06/02: The website was completely redesigned. Special thanks to Koifish for proofreading the Japanese text.
2016/10/24: Popfan announced chain of lucidity.
2016/09/15: 50,000 hits!
2016/05/07: MajiKana's release date delayed until further notice; update video released.
2016/04/04: A contract with Super Fighter Team was signed to bring MajiKana to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console.
2015/11/29: MajiKana's release date delayed to spring of 2016; update video released.
2015/09/18: The first day of TouhouCon 2015. Team Gaijin Alex members Spaztique, FullHitPoints and Popfan meet up in real life for the first time.
2015/09/17: 10,000 hits!
2015/07/21: The Japanese version of the website was rewritten in many areas thanks to the proofreading of Tsukune429.
2015/07/17: The website has gone public.
2015/07/14: The blog was created.
2015/07/10: MajiKana (demo version) v0.02 update.
2015/07/01: The demo version of MajiKana has been released.
2015/04/09: Website construction was started over.
2015/02/01: Popfan offered programming assistance to Michirin of Haruhana Soft for her game MajiKana, jumpstarting the first instance of Team Gaijin Alex collaborating with another dev team.
(Due to his ineptness at programming a game engine, FullHitPoints would join in not much later and the two would divide the workload between each other.)
2014/01/30: Website construction has begun.
2013/09/18: Popfan conceived Rampant Crescent Flora.
2013/02/12: Team Gaijin Alex was founded by Spaztique, Popfan and FullHitPoints.
2013/02/01: FullHitPoints contacted Spaztique and provided his service as an aspiring game developer.
2012/07/17: Popfan contacted Spaztique and provided some suggestions for gameplay mechanics.
2011/04/09: Spaztique conceived Endless Blue.