History of the Team

2011/04/09: Spaztique conceived Endless Blue.
2012/07/17: Popfan contacted Spaztique and provided some suggestions for gameplay mechanics.
2013/02/01: FullHitPoints contacted Spaztique and provided his service as an aspiring game developer.
2013/02/12: Team Gaijin Alex was founded by Spaztique, Popfan and FullHitPoints.
2013/09/18: Popfan conceived Rampant Crescent Flora.
2014/01/30: Website construction has begun.
2015/02/01: Popfan offered programming assistance to Michirin for her game MajiKana, jumpstarting the first instance of Team Gaijin Alex collaborating with another developer.
(Due to his ineptness at programming a game engine, FullHitPoints would join in not much later and the two would divide the workload between each other.)
2015/04/09: Website construction was started over.
2015/07/01: The demo version of MajiKana has been released.
2015/07/10: MajiKana (demo version) v0.02 update.
2015/07/14: The blog was created.
2015/07/17: The website has gone public.
2015/07/21: The Japanese version of the website was rewritten in many areas thanks to the proofreading of Tsukune429.
2015/09/17: 10,000 hits!
2015/09/18: The first day of TouhouCon 2015. Team Gaijin Alex members Spaztique, FullHitPoints and Popfan meet up in real life for the first time.
2015/11/29: MajiKana's release date delayed to spring of 2016; update video released.
2016/04/04: A contract with Super Fighter Team was signed to bring MajiKana to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console.
2016/05/07: MajiKana's release date delayed until further notice; update video released.
2016/09/15: 50,000 hits!
2016/10/24: Popfan announced chain of lucidity.
2017/06/02: The website was completely redesigned. Special thanks to Koifish for proofreading the Japanese text.
2017/07/14: A contact form was added to the Contact page of the website.
2017/07/15: An alternate, mobile-friendly version of the website was created.
2017/10/01: chain of lucidity (trial version) v0.01a released.
2017/10/05: 100,000 hits!
2018/01/01: chain of lucidity release date delayed until further notice.
2018/04/01: Re: Emergency everyday gameplay footage released.
2018/04/14: Removed the mobile-friendly version of the website and added the Gallery page.
2018/07/08: Sokoban v0.50 released.
2018/09/17: chain of lucidity v1.00a released.
2018/09/20: chain of lucidity v1.01a update.
2018/09/22: chain of lucidity v1.02a update.
2018/11/24: chain of lucidity v1.02b update.
2018/11/29: chain of lucidity v1.02c update.
2018/12/25: Additional Re: Emergency everyday gameplay footage released.
Also, Proto-Unreality Replication ~Len'en Kai Mugenri~ is now on sale.
Check it out on the newly-added Goods page.
2019/01/05: chain of lucidity v1.02d update.
2019/01/18: 200,000 hits!
2019/04/10: chain of lucidity v1.02e update.
2019/05/20: chain of lucidity v1.10a update.
2019/07/13: chain of lucidity v1.11a update.
2020/01/02: chain of lucidity v1.12a update.
2020/02/01: Spaztique and FullHitPoints have retired from the team.
2020/02/04: chain of lucidity v1.13a update.
2020/02/05: The website received a minor design update and outdated information was corrected.
Special thanks to MSLabo102 for proofreading the Japanese text.
2020/02/09: chain of lucidity v1.14a update.
2020/05/02: chain of lucidity v1.15a update.
2020/07/06: Slight visual updates to the website.
Also, the MajiKana game page has been removed. See blog post for further explanation.