So who is this "Gaijin Alex" you speak of?

Current Member

Aliases: Sentient cheesecake
German ZUN
Birthday: 21 October 1995
Skillset: Being a jack of all trades and master of none
Speaking/Learning 8 different languages with varying degrees of proficiency/success
Interests: Languages
Lava lamps
All things retro
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Retired Members
Spaztique One of the three founding members, responsible for the story and music for Endless Blue.
His involvement with the team died when that game stopped being worked on, but he was nevertheless a beacon of inspiration for everyone around him and the reason Popfan began honing his skills.

Links: Tumblr Twitter DeviantArt YouTube Twitch

FullHitPoints One of the three founding members, responsible for coding Endless Blue and later MajiKana.
After both projects died, he went on to do his own thing separate from the team, but he is the one who initially tutored Popfan in coding.

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