A glimpse at the individual members

(This drawing was requested from and kindly provided by wodkanna. Twitter DeviantArt)

Birthday: 24 May 1988
Skillset: Storywriting, music
A writer, musician, animator, artist, voice actor, tutor, and also a life coach to some extent.
He's best known for his Walfas comics and guides, and his goal is to make Endless Blue a reality.
His hobbies include indoor skydiving, procrastination, public speaking, and being a general goofball.
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Birthday: 21 October 1995
Skillset: Being a jack of all trades, master of none; encouraging productivity
A guy who seems to be more enthused about the team's game projects than everyone else, leading him to occasionally feel frustrated at what he considers a lack of productivity.
He speaks decent Japanese, allowing him to expand his target audience significantly.
He's also the self-appointed PR guy of the team, so chances are any tweets or mails will go through him first.
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Birthday: 3 September 1993
Skillset: Programming
The team's main programmer. Although he has years of experience making games as a hobby, he still considers himself an amateur.
He initially came to Spaztique wanting to help make Endless Blue a reality.
From there, he met Popfan, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
(Not in that way, you pervs!)
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