Various links to noteworthy people

Team Shanghai Alice, creator of the Touhou Project, inspiration for our circle name and reason for our existence.
Trick Nostalgie, creator of the Len'en Project, known for their April Fool's remakes of PC-98 Touhou games.
Haruhana Soft, creator of MajiKana, a game we're helping them make.
Ephemeral Entertainment, a fellow game development team currently working on a Touhou fangame called Ephemeral Unnatural Balance.

This list of links is by no means complete and will likely expand in the future. Furthermore, if you have a website and a 200x40 banner, feel free to contact us and we might add you to the list!

You're more than welcome to also link back to us, too! Feel free to use one of the below banners for that:

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