Prepare yourself for the next level of retro-style indie games!
MajiKana is a game that mimics the feel and limitations of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console to provide you with 16-bit graphics, FM-synthesized music, fast-paced gameplay and − most importantly − the truest retro experience.

Since May 2014, Michirin has been creating this game single-handedly, though as of February 2015, both Popfan and FullHitPoints have been taking the burden of programming off of her. And now, you can finally get your own taste as a playable demo has been released!


Demo Version

Full Version (WIP)

Current version: Demo, v0.021
Download either the patch or the full package! (Windows only)
(The patch is compatible only with v0.011 or above)
Due to personal difficulties, the release date of this game is TBA.
For more information, visit Haruhana Soft's website!

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All code, image and sound data belong to Haruhana Soft and Team Gaijin Alex.
You are allowed to distribute the demo version without the authors' permission, but only so long as you keep all files intact.
You are not allowed to alter the assets or programming in any way, shape or form.
©2015 Haruhana Soft/Team Gaijin Alex, all rights reserved.