Welcome to the website of Team Gaijin Alex!

We're an independent circle of guys that develop games in their spare time. Despite having founded this team over four years ago, we haven't published a single finished game yet, however, so one has to wonder what the point of this website even is...

Regardless, hopefully it will keep you entertained for a few minutes as you explore what little it has to offer. And for those who have seen what it looked like when it first went live in July 2015: How do you like the new look?

P.S.: In case it's not obvious, the circle's name is a complete rip-off of respectful homage to Team Shanghai Alice, founded by ZUN, who is also that circle's sole member and creator of the Touhou Project. We started out by making a Touhou fangame of our own, with five-player co-op, dozens of playable characters, as well as the ability to shoot in all directions. After two years in development with not much progress to show for it and one of our team members (who was also our character artist) suddenly vanishing off the face of the internet, we realized we simply bit off more than we could chew at the time, so the project is currently dead in the water. Rest assured, however, that it is our obligation to revive and finish the project at some point in the future.

Latest News:

2018/01/01: chain of lucidity release date delayed until further notice.
2017/10/05: 100,000 hits!
2017/10/01: chain of lucidity (trial version) v0.01a released.
2017/07/15: An alternate, mobile-friendly version of the website was created.
2017/07/14: A contact form was added to the Contacts page of the website.
2017/06/02: The website was completely redesigned. Special thanks to Koifish for proofreading the Japanese text.